• This sixth edition also aims to develop a new project : in partnership with the primary school « La Cordée » at Roubaix, from the network Espérance Banlieues , our members spend two times two hours every week with the children for a rugby initiation and convey our passion and values.

  • This initiative’s focal point will be the KidDay, a whole day dedicated to children. 

  • It is the occasion to promote rugby and its values all the while working with Roubaix’s institutions. This local implantation is a new project, essential to the European Rugby Sevens Cup to reinforce our ties with Roubaix and promote our sport.


  • During the last two editions, we filmed a rugby game with a 360° degrees camera fixed on the helmet of a player. Since last May we visited hospitals all around the Lille area to grant children the possibility to live an actual rugby game thanks to a virtual reality headset.

  • These visits also included some little workshops with games and entertainments focused on rugby and its values for the children