The ER7 commits to contribute to developing physical activities and sports for people with disabilities. To prove that a disability is not an obstacle especially in sports, a wheelchair rugby tournament which is a very impressive Paralympic sport will be added to the tournament and will take place at the Vélodrome de Roubaix.


The objective is to increase awareness amongst the participants, to help develop parasport but also to be faithful to rugby values that are solidarity, team-spirit and fighting spirit.

To prove that a disability is not barrier, especially in sports, a dedicated zone to parasports will be put in place in the village for the spectators. A dedicated area of 25m2 will be installed at the heart of the entertainment village. In this area opened to all, some presentations will take place to promote parasports.

This year the ER7 has organized a wheelchair rugby demonstration during the HandiDay (November 25th). The public is of course invited to participate in the demonstration and to discover this sport, still too unknown to all. Nice atmosphere, respect and conviviality were on display during this beautiful day. 


Derived from rugby, quad rugby (or wheelchair rugby) has been a Paralympic sport for over 20 years. Four teams – each composed of 8 players – compete on a 30-meter-long court.

Invented in Canada in 1976, quad rugby is currently the only disabled sport accessible to quadriplegic individuals. Exchange, social bonding, and the empowerment of the individual within a collective are the values of this sport, values shared across various forms of rugby

8 players per team

32 minutes per match

  • Le Quadrugby
  • Dérivé du rugby, le quadrugby (ou rugby fauteuil) est depuis plus de 20 ans un sport paralympique. Deux équipes  – composées de 8 joueurs chacune –  s’affrontent sur un terrain long de 30 mètres.
  • Inventé en 1976 au Canada, le quadrugby est aujourd’hui le seul handisport accessible aux personnes tétraplégiques. Échange, création de liens sociaux, valorisation de l’individu au travers d’un collectif sont les valeurs de ce sport, des valeurs partagées dans la pratique du rugby sous toutes ses formes.
  • 32 Minutes