In Extenso

In Extenso is one of the major players in public accounting in France. The company offers business owners, craftsmen and traders a local service covering all the accounting, administrative, legal, tax and social aspects of their organisation.
With a network of 5,500 employees and more than 250 branches throughout France, In Extenso is the leader in public accounting, consulting and professional services for small and medium-sized businesses.


Inconito has been a communications consultancy since 1992. Its expertise has been built around the definition of a strategic plan and tailor-made communication for companies (internal and external audits, public communication plan, etc.), visual creations and graphic design (advertising and communication campaigns, etc.), support in the creation, development and digital integration (digital strategy audit, interface design, etc.) and the design of brand content (brand and product story-telling, editorial charters, etc.).

Afi Esca

Afi Esca is a life insurance and capitalisation company. It designs and distributes savings, provident and loan insurance solutions. The company is not driven by the search for profit at any price, but by the growth of its activities while respecting the principles that have enabled it to remain independent. This durability is therefore the true sign of their solidity.


Vialife is the French leader in the marketing of press publications (magazines, periodicals, newspapers, etc.) on the Internet, by subscription or through single issue sales. They are positioning themselves as the new partner of press publishers to meet the digital challenge. Offering essential, high-performance and low-cost solutions and tools, Vialife supports publishers in the management and distribution of their digital content. The aim is to offer the press on all digital media while enhancing the customer experience.


VINCI is a world leader in concessions, energy and construction, operating in nearly 120 countries. Its ambition is to accelerate the transformation of our living environment, infrastructure and mobility in the face of environmental emergencies. It also aims to contribute to social progress by acting as a humanistic, inclusive and supportive company. VINCI is thus mobilising its economic performance and the commitment of its 220,000 employees in the service of a more sustainable world, fully playing its role as a private partner in the public interest.


5àsec is a company specialising in the cleaning of clothing and textiles for private individuals, whose innovation has built its reputation and expertise on its proven process and forward-looking approach to technology. Therefore, making commitments to environmental and social responsibility is a key part of their policy. As the world leader in dry cleaning and the French leader for more than 50 years, 5àsec makes it a duty to anticipate the major developments in the sector and to translate them into concrete actions.